Pizza, Stardust and the longing for more

Sunday afternoon. Outside it had been raining for hours.

Blessed he who foresaw the merciless boredom that might arise from such a proposition. Luckily I had provided myself with two silly movies just perfect to lighten up the mood of any gloomy weekends.
I had already watched the first one, Deathproof, on the preceding evening. And, at first, I was not exactly psyched about what I saw. The much praised grindhouse movie look was somewhat undermined by the flick’s sexy bitches sending short messages via their cell phones. I cannot remember many people of the 70’s or 80’s possessing such a mobile means of communication. Kurt Russel, however, as greasy stuntman „Icy Hot“ more than made up for that strangeness. The lunatic stunt driver with his sinister car wreaks some Tarantino-havoc upon some unsuspecting beauties before he gets his own share of broken bones and bruised flesh. And, man, does he receive a pounding!
I don not want to give away the ending, however, because every Tarantino desciple must witness that burlesque craziness for himself.

The second movie, Stardust, was perfect for a rainy Sunday and I watched it while enjoying a pizza and a coke on my bed. Glorious!
Stardust is a fairy-tale of dashing princes, evil witches and insane magic. It stumbles along as a fair mix of comedy, romance and CGI-ridden disport. It is neither as funny as Princess’ Bride nor as romantic as Ladyhawk but comparably silly. Robert de Niro makes for a surprisingly nice fag-Captain of an airship whose crew make a living by capturing and selling lightnings.
And there is, of course, Michelle Pfeiffer who embodies an old crone searching for a way to get young and sexy again. I couldn’t help but notice the fine pinch of self-irony when watching the wrinkled actress embarking on a quest for eternal youth. And even when she imbibes the heart of a fallen star (a beautiful woman, actually, who fell from the heavens) she bit by bit (byte by byte) gets old again, whenever she works her „screen magic“…
In the midst of it all we have a youthful anti-hero eager to earn the favour of a woman he thinks he fell in love with. He tries to impress her by leaving their small village in England to bring her a fallen star. To accomplish this feat he crosses a forbidden stonewall and enters the magical world of Stormhold. He encounters many a strange thing before he finally realizes that he found his true love in the very person he was so determined to bring to his favourite girl in England as a wedding gift.
My resumé: All the cheesy flirtatiousness left me longing for my girlfriend in „far-far away“, for there is no better atmosphere to give your woman a nice screwing in than that created by a romantic fantasy movie watched on an overcast day in the soft and warm coziness of your bed sheets…
It seems, great parts of Stardust were shot in Scotland which made it a very „picturesque“ movie to watch. Unfortunatley, it took some magic out of it for me since I recognised many of the places and their real names from my time in Scotland. But that is just a minor flaw.

I would say, Stardust: 7 out of 10 pts. The same with Deathproof.

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